Saturday, 5 August 2017

Quincy and Oscar Marmalade's London adventure..

Hello Everyone :)

I've got a story here for you all! Last saturday I was lucky to go and visit a special London station, as I was out with a friend of mine... well I wont spoil it anymore! Here is the story!

Quincy and Oscar Marmalade's London Adventure!

One day Quincy and Oscar Marmalade decided to go on a fun adventure to London together, Quincy only knew where they were going!
First stop was at Orpington Station! Where they waited for the train into London. 

On the Train we went to London Bridge and got the Hammersmith tube train to our destination…” Grandpa where are we going today?” Oscar asked… “Hmm you will find a special bear at the station we are going too… He is a Very Famous Bear in the world… even in Sylvania!! Does that give you a clue? Look at the map!” Grandpa Quincy replied

Oscar was scanning the stations and suddenly we stopped at our stop… “Ooo, I know where we are and who we will be seeing!!! It’s… Paddington BEAR!!” Oscar replied very excitedly! “Why yes we are!” Quincy responded!
A perfect photo opportunity awaited them… a photo with the sign from the underground! Yes we certainly had arrived at Paddington Station!!! Now for the quest to find… Paddington Bear!

A short walk through the tube station and onto the main station… we suddenly spotted a statue.  “Oo Grandpa look, I can see a Statue!” Oscar said “Oh yes, I can see him too… he’s made of Bronze and what do we have here, two pots of Marmalade!!” Grandpa Quincy responded with a big grin on his face… Photo Time! “If only we were allowed some of that Marmalade” Oscar said with a lick of his Lips! The Marmalade bears loved Marmalade just like Paddington Bear does!! 

Next we saw a few plagues which explained how Paddington became! 

Oscar then spotted a sign and a specially created bench in the shape of a book with a lovely illustration of Paddington Bear on it!! 


Further into the station we went and in a shopping area we found… “Oo Grandpa look, there’s a Paddington Bear Shop!!! I wonder if we will find another statue.” Oscar asked happily. “Why yes I can see it Oscar! Shall we take a souvenir home?” Quincy asked his young grandson 

Inside we went and there right in front of us was a … another Statue of Paddington Bear, this time he was coloured, had a hat and a suitcase!!! “Oo Grandpa can we get a picture, pretty please?” Oscar asked nicely “Why of course we can!!” Quincy responded with a big smile. “Wow how big is he though; we are so Tiny in comparison!!!” Oscar giggled to Quincy

Quincy and Oscar picked up a souvenir Paddington Bear teddy to take home with them as a lovely reminder of their fab adventure to find him!! 
Unfortunately we had a very wet journey home! Thank goodness we got the train home!

Back home here Quincy and Oscar are with their new friend! “He’s a much better size for us to stand by, isn’t he grandpa!” Oscar said to Quincy, “Why yes you are right again there!” 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our little adventure :) I do love Paddington Bear!! 
Love Lynne